Why to use Whats App for Marketing?

  •  80% + People read your message
  •  Can send big Messages
  •  Colorful text for the messages
  •  Images / Videos with message
  •  No DND issue, will be delivered to all number
  •  Highest ROI

Send Unlimited Whatsapp Absolutely Free* Direct from your PC using your own Whatsapp account.


Bulk Whatsapp

     How it works

BULKSENDER is a FREE software designed to send bulk Whatsapp messages directly from PC in a simple and effective way.

BulkSender uses Whatsapp Web technology but adds useful features to do Whatsapp Marketing and send Whatsapp messages to multiple users at the same time. Here are the reasons why you should use Bulksender to contact all your friends / relatives or potential customers to do Whatsapp marketing at a professional level:

  1. Create and send customized messages  directly from your PC
  2. Import contacts  from file (CSV)
  3. Send Whatsapp messages to contacts even if they are not saved in your address book
  4. Automatically create multiple variations of the message to send to all contacts and avoid spam or ban
  5. Ability to see the report of the campaign (from LOG section)
  6. Grab all member of a Whatsapp group to contact them via BulkSender and export to Excel File.
  7. Create and send Whatsapp messages with viral photos and videos
  8. Bulk check of Whatsapp and non-Whatsapp phone numbers (numbers filter feature)

Note: The FREE version of BulkSender does not allow to copy text/contacts. Maximum contact import Limit is 5 contacts

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1.  Free Marketing Software (No Credit System)

2. Send Text, Image ,Video, Documents

3. Bulk Sender, Group Grabber, Whatsapp Filter

4.  Basic Features

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Simple Step to Start             

  • 1. Download Bulk Sender Software
  • 2. Install and Run the Trial Version
  • 3. To Activate Pro Version Follow "Buy Now" Link
  • 3. Start sending unlimited Whatsapp messages


Full  Version Features

1.  Lifetime License for 1 PC Activation

2. Unlimited Messages to Unlimited Contacts

3. Text /Contact Copy-Paste Option

4.  Free Regular Updates

Trial Version Limitations

1.  Text/contacts copy-paste option is disabled.
2. At a time 5 messages sending limitation.
3. Default text/ link at the end of every Message.
4. No software updates.

Why WhatsApp Marketing

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